Well, April Fools' Day passed off without much incident - not many people were taken in by the 'XBox to go Blu-ray' story run on one of the HD DVD enthusiast sites. Well, they've got to have something to be enthusiastic about!

There's a new issue of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision on sale, with hiighlights including the best of the current crop of Blu-ray players, an in-depth look at all the new TVs on their way, bargain micro and mini systems and the pick of the top MP3 players.

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Meanwhile on line, we've...

Over in the Forums we now have over 12,250 registered users, almost 39,000 threads and getting on for 60,000 posts to keep you talking.

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This week we've been bothered about biwiring, discussing Panasonic's Blu-ray player, and wondering how you pronounce Teac.

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