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The fledgling music streaming service is growing at an increasing rate, having gained 11m subscribers in the seven months since it launched, but it still has some way to go to beat Spotify.

Eddy Cue, Apple's SVP Internet Software & Services, confirmed the news, saying on John Gruber’s The Talk Show podcast: “I live in a world where all of my music is in the cloud, and we’re going to see more and more customers [think the same]”.

“We just passed 11 million Apple Music subscribers, and all of those people live in a world where music is in the cloud.” Rival service Spotify took six years to reach the same figure (although in 2015 it reached 20 million paying subscribers).

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One reason for Apple’s growth could be the recent expansion into more territories, bringing its total to 113. Music is available in 59 countries in which Spotify is not, including Russia, China, India and Japan.

Cue also highlighted one of Music’s strengths, which is to allow users to upload their own music to a cloud locker, which can then be accessed from multiple devices. “This is about all of your music, no matter how you acquired it. If it doesn’t exist in the subscription service, if you bought it yourself or it’s available as a bootleg - all of the things you consider [as] music].”

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Other reasons for the increase in subscriber numbers could be that Apple Music is the first native Apple app to make the transition to Android and curated radio stations are only available to paying subscribers.

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hifiman2008's picture

Bit of a spin

The problem for Apple is as  people pay a monthly subscription  they then stop buying tracks/albums from I tunes so in effect they will be c taking customers from their own store rather than other music streaming services.

joe23's picture

Could be the initial spike

It'll be interesting to see how this pans out over the course of the next few months. The inital 3 month free trial period was great and I'm sure attracted a lot of people, but how many of those never intended to continue but forgot to un-tick the 'auto renew subscription' box in iTunes? 

adey2010's picture

I agree with Joe23, its probably people doing the free trial

I totally agree with Joe, its probably apple headline grabbing due to the number people using the free trial. I tried it myself, and imho sound quality is awful and not worth paying for. It isn't close to proper cd quality so why do apple, deezer and spotify all go on about how "amazing" their sound quality is, when really it isn't?

like everyone else i know who has taken the free trial, i quickly unticked the box to renew the subscription!!!