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Take the RS1AV, add much more scale, detail and dynamics from the front pair, and you have another superb Monitor Audio package
A truly exceptional sound, remarkable bass weight, and even the musical performance is brilliant
Nothing comes to mind
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Monitor Audio's Silver RS6 floorstanding speakers are used for the front left and right channels of this superior system, and the rest of this impressive package consists of a Silver RS-LCR centre channel, Silver RS-FX surround speakers and the Silver RSW-12 subwoofer.

The RS-FX surrounds are a neat design since they can be used as either bipole or dipole units at the flick of a switch. Try the different settings and choose the one that sounds best. We'also advise you to give them a good running in.

Once you do, prepare yourself for a truly exceptional sound: the delivery is clean, crisp and unadulterated. The Silver RS6AV digs deep into DVD soundtracks and uncovers a fantastic level of detail and insight. The top end is sweet and refined, while the bass demonstrates remarkable weight, power and tautness.

Even better, its powerful musicality also makes it a winner with CD playback – this is a brilliant all-rounder.