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Merlin Tarantula MK6 review

Best mains cable, Awards 2010. A good tweak for a hi-fi or AV system.

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

Best mains cable, Awards 2010. If you’re looking to tweak a hi-fi or AV system, this could be the cable you’re looking for


  • Cleaner, smoother sound


  • Nothing at this price level

We weren't overly enamoured with the last incarnation of Merlin's Tarantula mains cable, and a three-star rating was duly dished out.

But, the company's MK6 version is a spectacular improvement. Plug it into hi-fi electronics and, compared with your standard kettle lead, the Tarantula helps your system produce a much cleaner, smoother sound.

The lack of noise allows more detail to seep through into the soundstage, with greater separation between instruments and vocals.

But the benefits aren't just hi-fi based: plug the cable into a TV, and images appear crisper, while there's greater punch to the overall picture.

It's not a spectacular difference, but we think it's a worthwhile improvement nonetheless.

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