Our Verdict 
Perfect for anyone looking to try out an internet radio for the first time
decent audio
good looker
Speaker hum
lacks connectivity
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Made for the DSG stores chain, the Logik is classy-looking, and has a sound that's more than respectable given the low cost. It's a no-frills design, with neither remote control nor Ethernet socket, but it does have the advantage of having its mains transformer inside its casework, not in a plugtop or halfway up the power cable.

However, the Logik suffers from a mains hum through the speaker, that is emphasised when it's placed on a table or open shelf. A mechanical buzz is also felt through the casework, even in standby.

The presentation is well balanced and nicely detailed, making the most of a wide range of stations. And as with all these Reciva based sets, it's easy to use.

If you're after a budget internet radio, to see whether the world of web wireless is for you, this is a good entry-level buy. But there are rivals offering more for your money, even if they're pricier.