Our Verdict 
Classy compact package, stylish and well-made – but could be more thrilling
Good value
highly listenable
smart looks
Can be a little restrained
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We've long been admirers of KEF's ultra-compact KHT1005, the smallest cinema system in the British company's range. Now upgraded, the 1005.2 includes a new and more powerful sub with 150w, new Uni-Q drive units in each speaker and a high-gloss black finish.

What hasn't changed is the build quality – impressively high for such a modestly priced system – and the coherence and consistency of the sound.

Each satellite is just 16.5cm high, but the KEF's sound is far fuller and smoother than is typical from such compact cabinets.

Pushed to its limits, it remains listenable and composed, steering in a consistent fashion. However, that predictability comes at a slight cost: the 1005.2 can sound a little reined-in.

It'd be wrong to expect sofa-shaking dynamics, but even so, we found ourselves willing the speakers to let rip. Matched with an exciting amp, this restraint shouldn't be a problem, but it's worth noting.