Our Verdict 
Better than Apple’s freebies – we’d pay extra for a more convincing upgrade, however
More detail than you'll get from the freebies
Lacks weight and punch
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JVC is one of the first companies to offer iPhone-compatible plugs on its entire range. The HA-FX66 'phones are the first in-ears that we've seen from the new range.

Though they're certainly better than Apple's bundled 'phones, the JVCs still aren't brilliant. A track such as Citizen Cope's Pablo Picasso lacks the weight and punch that is present in the original recording, and there's some directness missing to the delivery.

Having said that, presentation is at least clear, and offers more detail than you'll get from the freebies. If it was our choice, though, we'd pay a bit more than £25 and go for the Grado iGrado on-ears instead.