Our Verdict 
Superb performance and value; the KT-01 looks, functions and sounds just how we like our digital radios (though maybe not in pink)
Nicely made
great sound
solid value
But boy, that pink is bright!
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There's a couple of reasons you may recognise this portable radio from Intempo. First, it received a five star verdict the first time we saw it in June 2005. Second, we just keep coming back to it as an object of desire.

Yes, our most recent review model was pink, but it's available in grey or cream finishes as well. Build quality is admirable, with durable-feeling buttons, a simple volume knob and a clear LCD display. There's an alarm, sleep control and both DAB and FM receivers.

The KT-01 sounds great as well. Listen in to BBC 5 Live and spoken word has authority, warmth and detail. Flick over to 6 Music and tunes are given a detailed top end as well as plenty of bass depth and weight. At just £60, the Intempo remains a DAB bargain