• iLuv iMM178DAB Vibe Plus
Our Verdict 
Performs perfectly nicely, but there’s better out there for not much more money
Clear and crisp for voice radio
Lacks bass presence
no iPod track-listing
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The sticker on the box for the Vibe Plus claims it costs £99.97. A strange price to plump for, perhaps, but also an easy one to ignore. We’ve found it online at a number of reputable sources for less than £70. And, to give it a fair crack of the whip, that’s the price we’ll be testing it at.

Good vibrationsThis is a dual alarm clock with FM, DAB, and an iPod dock. It also has an intriguing extra – the ‘bed shaker’.  This proves to be a plug-in speaker that you can slide under your pillow for private listening, or for a vibrating wake-up without disturbing your partner.

DAB reception is strong enough and we didn’t have any problems setting things up.

Initial impressions of the sound are encouraging: for voice radio in particular, this is a pleasing listen, clear and crisp without being too strident.

It suffers a touch with music, though, in comparison with the five-star Pure Chronos II dock (available for around £30 more)..

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It’s just a little tinny in comparison, and lacking in some bass presence. The same is true with iPod performance. It also lacks the auxiliary input and the iPod track-listing of the Chronos.

All in all, though, this is a perfectly decent product that does a perfectly decent job.

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