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iLuv iMM178DAB Vibe Plus review

The iLuv iMM178DAB Vibe Plus does a decent job and even has an extra speaker for under your pillow Tested at £70

Our Verdict

Performs perfectly nicely, but there’s better out there for not much more money


  • Clear and crisp for voice radio


  • Lacks bass presence
  • no iPod track-listing

The sticker on the box for the Vibe Plus claims it costs £99.97. A strange price to plump for, perhaps, but also an easy one to ignore. We’ve found it online at a number of reputable sources for less than £70. And, to give it a fair crack of the whip, that’s the price we’ll be testing it at.

Good vibrations
This is a dual alarm clock with FM, DAB, and an iPod dock. It also has an intriguing extra – the ‘bed shaker’. This proves to be a plug-in speaker that you can slide under your pillow for private listening, or for a vibrating wake-up without disturbing your partner.

DAB reception is strong enough and we didn’t have any problems setting things up.

Initial impressions of the sound are encouraging: for voice radio in particular, this is a pleasing listen, clear and crisp without being too strident.

It suffers a touch with music, though, in comparison with the five-star Pure Chronos II dock (available for around £30 more)..

It’s just a little tinny in comparison, and lacking in some bass presence. The same is true with iPod performance. It also lacks the auxiliary input and the iPod track-listing of the Chronos.

All in all, though, this is a perfectly decent product that does a perfectly decent job.

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