Our Verdict 
Another great cartridge from Goldring – at a very affordable price. This should be on any serious audiophile's audition list
Easy to fit and align
tonally well-integrated
good subtlety and dynamics
fine detailing
Nothing of note
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Goldring's 2000 range has been available since last year – you may remember our test of the 2500 from March 2009.

Build quality is excellent, and we found this Goldring simple to fit and align on our Thorens deck. It tracks at a weight of 1.75g.

During running in, the fast-paced and lively sound settled to a tonally pleasing result, with a firm bass, smooth midrange and well-integrated treble.

Thereafter, this natural-sounding cartridge offers much in the way of subtlety and dynamics. Given Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark's punchy Genetic Engineering it responds with a will, capturing the electronic mood well.

Punches above its weightEqually, try something slow and flowing but dynamically taxing, such as Grant Green's Grantstand,and you'll get equally positive results. The 2100 excels at bringing out detail and colour too, and production subtleties are handled with care.

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In short, the Goldring 2100 is a worthy little brother to the accomplished 2500.

Sharing many of its sibling's better characteristics, it punches above its weight and should be on your audition list.

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