Our Verdict 
It looks and feels the business, but the execution here leaves something to be desired
Style, style and more style
beautifully built, too
Erratic touchscreen controls are frustrating
sound just too thick
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A rare tactile treat, the Type R is a fascinating combination of 70s retro and up to date technology. In fact. Its control panel aside, it looks just like a vintage Roberts or Hacker model, and we're not entirely unsure that Roberts don't still make radios that look like this. Anyway, its side panels are wooden, its handle and top-plate are anodised metal and the controls all touch-sensitive.

All well and good so far, but it's a different story when the Type R is in operation. The controls are erratic, making tuning or adjusting volume more taxing than it should be, and the sound – while offering lush scale to classical pieces – renders contemporary stuff soupy and ill-defined.