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Air movement;   Mission 753  floorstanders 

Cables:  originally Deltec Precision Audio’s own;  replaced by Cyrus’s own bi-wire cable.

Source[s];  Meridian 200 cd transport & Meridian 203 DAC  [twin DAC7 ‘bitstream’ chipset] replaced an older Sony 222es;   supplemented with PSXR and Cyrus CD8se [luckily no problems with disc reading]  which has been recently returned to Cyrus for upgrade to CDXTse+ [when it came back the first time it did not work!]

Interconnects:  Deltec Precision Audio co-axial ; Deltec Precision Audio optical link ; Cyrus’s own, Cabletalk & Chord Silver analogues.

Amplification:  Original Audiolab 8000A [still going strong for av duties] replaced by Deltec Precision Audio pre-power combo with ‘black slink’ interconnects [balanced outputs];  replaced by Cyrus Pre-vs2 with PSXR and one X Power,   Additional X Power added to facilitate bi-amping of speakers.The Pre-vs2 was returned to Cyrus for upgrade and what came back was a new Pre XPd QX;    Both X Powers served by DPA ‘The Power’

Whole system runs off Lindy mains block conditioner.

# emboldened text indicates current set up.

Using the Meridian 200 as a source with a co-axial input to the Cyrus XPd QX and optical to the Meridian 203 DAC with that connected to the cd analogue input  using the Chords,  the Meridian DAC cut the mustard!  The expected difference in sound quality between the Cyrus DAC circuit and the Meridian did not materialise.  Both offered a spacious soundstage and had the ability to place instruments and track complex pieces.  Now that the CDXTse+ is up and running the same test was run again using that as the source.  This time the Cyrus DAC circuit nosed ahead .. atmospheric pieces became that tad more atmospheric and there was slightly more grip on complex pieces [but only slightly!] .  I will, in due course, do a direct comparison between the Meridain and Cyrus transports into the XPd QX  thanks to all those digital inputs.  That way i can find out how good the Cyrus transport is.         

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RE: Your system

My eyes hurt!!! Cool

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RE: Your system

Sorry, mate. I couldn't face trying to read that.

A picture says a thousand (emboldened) words, you knowTongue out

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RE: Your system

I thought pictures were mandatory in this section of the forums Wink

AV: Marantz SR7009; Monitor Audio RS-LCR, Silver 8i, RXFX; BK XXLS400 Sub; Pioneer KRP500a; Sony UBP-X800
HiFi: Arcam A85; AE Compact 1; Arcam DV79 (as CDP), ProJect Debut II

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RE: Your system



Tongue out

Panasonic tx p65st 50b. Pioneer Sc- lx82, bdp lx52. Monitor audio rx6 av12. Bowers & Wilkins P7. Fiio Mont Blanc. Everything Apple. Pioneer pep 4280xd. Lots of other stuff.....

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RE: Your system

OK  ...   in simple terms;-

Cyrus CD XTse+ with PSXR

Meridian 200 transport and Meridian 203 DAC [Bitstream version]

Cyrus Pre XPd QX pre-amp with PSXR

Pair of Cyrus X Powers

Mission 753 floorstanders [bi-amped]

Digital interconnects;-   DPA co-axial for the Cyrus; DPA optical for the Meridian

Analogue interconnects;-  Cyrus's own; Chord Chameleon Silver Plus

Speaker cable;-  Cyrus bi-wire


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RE: Your system

Fine. Pics please.


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