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Pure Jongo S3 - WiFi Connection Issues

After reading a report on Jongo S3 in June What HI Fi, I purchased one along with a Samsung Tablet 2.  I set it up with my BT Homehub 2 and everything worked fine.  Since then I have upgraded to the new BT Homehub 4 and now cannot connect to the Jongo in WiFi mode.  I have emailed Pure several times and to date they cannot solve my issue.  They tell me that the Jongo supports 2.4GHz signal band.  My son can connect using his Iphone 4 with the apple pure app.

I cannot connect in wifi mode with the android app via my Samsung Tablet.

The BT Homehub 4 connects at either 2.4 or 5GHz depending on what the device supports. 

Could the problem be down to the home hub4 connecting to my Samsung tablet at 5GHz which in turn cannot connect to my Jongo at this speed ?

Has any one got any ideas please.

Many thanks,


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RE: Pure Jongo S3 - WiFi Connection Issues

Hi Mark,

Does the Homehub 4 have that smart setup?


If  so try turning it off in the router options - I know it breaks Chromecast.

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