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RE: BT 'master' socket?

Hi Big Chris and roger06...

Has been interesting following the course of this problem. Hope you get it sorted out, and let us know the outcome please!

Regards: Fred

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RE: BT 'master' socket?

Strange they said you had a fault Roger, as when I tested your line it came back "Line Test O.K, no faults detected"... :?

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RE: BT 'master' socket? RE: BT 'master' socket?

Slight hijack of the thread but its proably relevant to the op.

I have a similar issue to roger but its been an ongoing thing with BT. Internet slowing to a crawl randomly or disconnecting and wireless disconnects along with random router resets. I reset it manually so many times in the end that the reset button itself broke on the router in the end.

The issue had been intermitent for months but a few weeks ago I finaly got round to contacting BT about it.

The fault was put down to the router being faulty, which in order to replace ment I had to pay for a new one and commit to a new 12 month contract since I wasn't in a contract at the time. I wasn't exactly impressed with that but they proverbially held the ball so...

Connection seemed fine for a week or so maybe but has started up again and it's hard to say when it's started or if the new router ever fixed the issue as I'm not using the Internet 24hrs a day to keep an eye on it. BT are now sending an engineer tomorrow.

In the last 24 hrs I've traced the wiring myself, like rogers it comes into the loft and mine was crimped to 2 different CAT cables, 1st was a grey cat 5e with solid twisted pairs in it and the other an orange cat 6 cable with solid twisted pairs. Both had blue with white bands crimped to 1 leg of the bt cable and white with blue bands crimped to the other leg. The crimps were then contained in a black junction box. The Grey cable went off directly to the socket in living room and Orange went off to the upstairs office. I can't physically follow the cables much past the loft but I was able to do a continuity test on them using a multimeter after disconnecting the crimps.

I buzzed out the blue pairs on the cats to make sure they were short free and ran from and too where I thought they were. I also tested the green pair on the orange cat to use as an extension pair. All checked out fine.

I used connector block to join the orange cats blue pair to the legs of the incoming bt pair ( these are approx 0.5mm solid core and come direct from the telegraph pole in the street). The other end of the orange cat cable has the blue pair connected to A and B of the open reach master socket in my office. The master socket itself was fitted by myself this afternoon and given to me by a nice bt engineer that happened to be working in my street this morning on another house ;). So Pretty sure the sockets not faulty.

I used the green pair at the master socket end on pins 2 & 5 to extend the circuit by connecting them to the blue pair of the grey cat 5 back at the original junction in the loft and thus sending them off to the living room via the grey cat 5 on the blue pair. Grey cats blue pair I then connected to the living room socket 2 & 5.

ok if you followed all that you now have the complete picture of my houses internal phone wiring and maybe can explain to me anything I may have done wrong?

now the faults:-

Internet is randomly slowing and sometimes out long enough to register as disconnected on the bt hub/router. Causes intermitent responses from website forms, streaming movies, tv etc to pause and lag. I can find no reason internally for this and bt claim they detect no faults although 1 engineer I've spoken to did seem to think there was an issue with the line but need to escalate the call.

At the moment if I plug a phone into the living room socket it disconnects my broadband if the phone rings, is answered. I have no filter for this socket at the moment but will find one soon to test this. I have also tried 2 different sockets at this point in case that was the issue.

So for now I have disconnected the green pair in the master socket end to remove the internal wiring of the extention from the possibility of the broadbands speed issues. The intermitent slow Internet, disconnects are still happening though even though the wiring now consists of -

BT wire into loft, connector blocked to orange cat 6 blue twisted pair - to office master socket points A & B - filter that came with new hub 3 weeks ago - hub 

BT are sending an engineer tomorrow but if they find an issue in my house its going to cost me £99. So if anyone has any ideas before they arrive tomorrow afternoon so I can cancel them that would be great.




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