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Q Acoustics Q7000 or Focal Dome 5.1?

Hey guys. New to the forum and new to Home Cinema setups too! :cheers: Any advice much appreciated.

Well, I guess the topic title is self-explanitory - I'm debating between these two speaker packages for my first 5.1 setup...

I often check out the WHF reviews and they've helped me make buying decisions several times before, as it isn't usually convenient for me to demo products, so I base my purchases on about as much research as my brain can handle!

I am quite stuck here though - the Focal Dome package is about twice the price of the of the Q7000, but I have no problems paying up if the cash is justified. They both seem very similar on paper in terms of their specs - I guess I'm asking if any of you guys have heard these systems and can note any differences?