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4 ohm center and 8 ohm fronts ?

Hello guys , hey just wanted to get an opinion or few about my running a 4 ohm centre speaker with my 8 ohm fronts and any thoughts about being careful about , well any concerns. I have not realised that it was 4 ohm until a few days ago and although its of the same brand my concern is possible damage anywhere from the av reciever to the loudspeakers... the centre is a 91db/1 watt,150 watts ,4 ohm nominal and fronts are 86db/1watt , 100 watts and 8 ohms nominal... My AV reciever has a 6ohm - 8ohm switching capability but not for individual speakers , I beleive!. 


Any thoughts be grateful.





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RE: 4 ohm center and 8 ohm fronts ?

Can't see it being a major issue. The amp should be able to provide the extra current no problem, and once the levels are set correctly it should make no difference at all.

If they are designed to work together, all should be fine. Just done a bit of Googling (other search engines are available)- nice speakers!

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