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RE: Leaving Sky, Now need new PVR box

What about Freesat itself, not Freesat from Sky, That way the OP doesn't have  to pay Sky. Yes, the OP would have to buy a Freesat box.

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RE: Leaving Sky

I dont blame you. I left Sky Satellite TV in Y2000 and havent looked back. The continuous loop of inane adverts and mediocre news commentators, such as Kay B, for example, was the final straw. Instead of paying Sky a Subscription I now buy BD Discs and also watch free-sat if Im that really bored. Trust me, you will save a lot of money in the long run....:)

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RE: Leaving Sky, Now need new PVR box

Just an update, 

The day after i last posted i had an e-mail saying fibre broadband was finally in my area and because i was with Talk Talk i manage to upgrade to fibre for £10 per month and also in that price i got a free YouView box, so i decided to give it ago.

So far i'm pretty happy, though the YouView box isn't as slick as the Sky box or has the content it does have a pretty smart feature using the on demand programs which i thought i would never use but works great, and when comparing my Sky package of £40 to the add on packs with YouView Kids £5 and Now TV £8.99 with Now TV in my lounge, bedroom, kids play room and on my iPad for less than half the price of Sky 

Not only that the content on Now TV movies is massive so all in all it feels like i have made a good move

Fingers crossed my internet doesn't never go down


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