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iPlayer through Freesat box - why doesn't it work?

I've got a Sagemcom 94320T Freesat box which is plugged into my broadband router via Ethernet cable. The box supports the BBC iPlayer, but I've hardly managed to watch anything through it. Even if I select low quality streaming it has to stop for buffering every couple of minutes and often just stops completely so I have to restart the whole programme. The obvious answer would be that my broadband connection is too slow or not working properly. However, when I load up iPlayer on my laptop which has a wi-fi connection from the same router, I don't have any connection problems at all. I can watch programmes smoothly all the way through even in HD mode. Of course I can just plug the laptop into my TV and I'm sorted, but I still think it should work on the Freesat box and can't see any reason why it shouldn't. Any ideas...?

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RE: iPlayer through Freesat box - why doesn't it work?

are you using the laptop and freesat box at the same time? (downloading can be patchy at peak times).

Do a broadband speed test (http://www.broadbandspeedchecker.co.uk/) immediately after it next fails, and also try to watch on your laptop around the same time.

Have you also made sure you've got the latest firmware. What about other web-enabled content via your freesat box (youtube etc.)

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RE: iPlayer through Freesat box - why doesn't it work?

my humax suffers the same thing, as do both my blu ray players that support online streaming,I had Virgin media 10 meg broadband which should have been fine but was quite poor, after some haggling with them they upgraded me to the 60 meg package,it is a lot better but not perfect,so I can only come to the conclusion it is all down to poor broadband in certain areas.

It is very frustrating,i share your woes .

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RE: iPlayer through Freesat box - why doesn't it work?

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RE: iPlayer through Freesat box - why doesn't it work?

@Big Aura - when I try to run the iPlayer on the Freesat box I make sure that no other devices are using the broadband connection. The laptop only comes in when I get fed up with the Freesat box and start streaming through the laptop instead.

papalazarou - see my first post: broadband speed is not the issue. On my laptop, which uses the exact same broadband connection through the same router (albeit via wi-fi rather than ethernet cable) I can stream iPlayer programmes smoothly in HD. So it must be something to do with the way the Freesat box streams the data.

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