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Best freesat box

I am looking to buy a freesat box to plug into my panasonic 37px80 plasma and am tempted by the humax freesat box.

Is the humax the best choice or shall i choose one of the other models.

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Re: Best freesat box

Definitely go for the Humax. It's more user-friendly than the Bush/Goodmans/Grundig (all essentially the same) which suffer from mediocre standard-definition pictures.

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Re: Best freesat box

Thanks for your advice i will pick one up this week, i am looking forward to seeing the picture quality on bbc and itv hd on my panny plasma.

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Re: Best freesat box

If you can wait a couple of months, Humax will have their Foxsat HD Freesat+ PVR box out. Its like a HD Sky + box, HD Receiver and PVR in one unit.

 They're showing it in September at the IBC electronics show but no definite release date yet apart from before Christmas.

 Some believe release might be quite soon after that.

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