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Denon TU1800 DAB and M1 DAC

Has anyone encountered a problem running the Denon tuner's DAB output into the Musical Fidelity M1 DAC? The sound is great but as soon as I power off the tuner I get a loud repetitive popping sound from both channels.(The sound level can be controlled by the volume control). This noise only stops once I either power off the DAC or alternatively switch to one of the DAC's other inputs which is in use. If I switch to any of the other inputs which is not receiving a signal the popping sound does not stop. Even removing the power supply to the tuner will not stop it. I have had the aerials checked professionally and have blocked off the fm signal in the vain hope that this would fix the problem.

It happens whether I connect the tuner via the optical connection or the coax.

I have used different mains sockets as well in case this is mains interference but without any effect.

I suspect this is not a fault with the DAC itself (which is brand new) and may be something that I have to learn to live with. Fortunately the CD and laptop do not have the same effect. Technical support at Musical Fidelity have no idea what is causing the problem.

The set up is Roksan Kandy III CD and amp and Monitor Audio Silver RS6. The CD uses the coax input and the tuner uses the optical. I also use a Rega P7 turntable.

Having experienced the massive difference in sound quality I am reluctant to go back to listening to the tuner without putting it through the DAC. The TV is too far away to use its Freeview radio output.

If anyone has any suggestions or thoughts they would be much appreciated