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Onkyo TXNR608 or TXNR609?

Hi all - I'm a newbie and an AV amateur - so please be nice! Smile

I'm considering purchasing the Onkyo TXNR609 on What Hifi's recommendation, but I am wondering whether I should save a little cash and go for the TXNR608 - which is £150 or so cheaper. (What Hifi used to recommend this one until the 609 came along)

The main (only?) difference between the two seems to be support for Spotify on the 609, but that doesn't bother me. I'll mostly be playing my personal collection of classical music through this equipment (as well as routing my TV / Bluray NAS stuff through it), and I'm getting a Sonos which will satisfy my Spotify requirements.

If Spotify really is the main difference then I'll save the money I think - or am I missing something?

Thanks everyone.

 - sdfbailey

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RE: Onkyo TXNR608 or TXNR609?

I would always go for the new model as it will always have improvements in both image and sound...although 150 quid is quite a big saving. Difficult question Smile

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RE: Onkyo TXNR608 or TXNR609?

RS are doing the 609 for £399 this Bank Holiday weekend only.........



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RE: Onkyo TXNR608 or TXNR609? RE: Onkyo TXNR608 or TXNR609?

For £400 you are getting a serious piece of kit, I have the 609 and paid full price for it (£500) and even at that price it is definitely worth it!

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