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imac - onkyo 609?

Hi there. I have got the receiver setup that can be seen from my signature including the photo 609 setup.

I recently bought an imac - the 21.5" screen quad core.

Ideally I want to stream video and music from the computer to receiver.

After some research I bought a mini display port to hdmi lead.

I tried connecting this to the receiver but it did not recognise the signal.

When I connected direct to the tv it worked, though the picture quality wasn't perfect.

Any ideas to connect to the receiver or any other ways to connect?

Thanks in advance.

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RE: imac - onkyo 609?

I have my Mac Mini connected to a projector which unless the mac is set at just the right screen resolution, displays an awful picture or none at all. Maybe check the settings the iMac is trying to output over the mini display port output. This should sort out the display of the correct picture on the tv at least - as for the amp, I have no experience of this (no HDMI on my amp!) but adjusting the output settings may help here also.

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RE: imac - onkyo 609?

Thats odd, I hook up my MacBook Pro to my Onkyo 805 using a displayport/hdmi lead, and get excellent results.  Go to Applications/Utilities/Audio Midi setup.  What do you see in there?  My MBP displays Onkyo 805 and lists 7.1 channels available.


As above, check the display settings as well in Applications/system preferences/displays

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RE: imac - onkyo 609?

Thanks for both your replies.

I tried the utilities app and it wont recognise the receiver. This is what i bought.



I will contact the seller to see what they say.

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