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Help pairing Onkyo 414 to speakers




As a bit of a novice I’m confused by the power output quoted on the website of the Onkyo TX-NR414.

Richer Sounds and other websites are quoting the 414 as a power output of 100w per channel at 8ohms.

The Onkyo specs page 7 say:


• 80 Watts/Channel @ 8 ohms (FTC)

• 130 Watts/Channel @ 6 ohms (IEC)

• 160 Watts/Channel @ 6 ohms (JEITA)

Further down (page 76) there is reference to:

Dynamic Power*

* IEC60268-Short-term maximum output power

180 W (3 ohm, Front)

160 W (4 ohm, Front)

100 W (8 ohm, Front)

I was hoping to pair the receiver with Monitor Vector 5.1 speakers which have a recommended amp rating of 10-80w. I was told by Richer Sounds that I need to match the amp output power to the speakers:

1) I guess that means then I shouldn’t use these speakers with that receiver as doing so would risk blowing them at a high volume?

2) I’m confused by the FTC, IEC, JEITA – Is that something I select or as I’m in the UK if I bought my amp here would it be set to the IEC spec? Is that tied in to the power supply or something?

3) Can the receiver be switched between 6 and 8 ohms, but 8ohms would be 100w / 6ohms 130w?




Incidentally the reason I’m looking at these speakers is because they’re the only ones my girlfriend likes the styling of (in Walnut) in my preferred price range. Otherwise I may have to go for the Wharfedale 10.1 but they’re 2/3times the price.

Can anyone recommend any websites where I can read up on this stuff?

Thanks for your help.