We look back to October 1997 and a review of Denon's AVR-3200, a time when Denon was establishing a foothold in the AV receiver market…

Denon is rightly considered one of the giants of home cinema.

It was only just getting into its stride back in 1997 though, when the five-star AVR-3200 was helping to build a firm foundation for the brand’s burgeoning reputation.

Even at £1000 this was one of the company’s more affordable amps, and still incorporated cutting-edge technology for the time.

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The Denon AVR-2300W is better than its talented predecessor, and delivers a fuss-free user experience

There was advanced digital processing and an RF input to accept the new-fangled Dolby Digital from Laserdisc. Despite chunky proportions the AVR-3200 had just five channels – all that was required – each rated at a heady 70W.

In the review we made great play of the preamp outputs for the front three speakers (allowing biamping) and dedicated six-channel analogue input.

The AVR-X2300W tested in the August 2016 issue is a world apart from the old timer in terms of brainpower and digital connectivity.

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It’s also considerably easier to use. Accurate automated set-up helps, as does a simpler menu system. Seven channels of power amplification are the norm now too.

Add Dolby Atmos capability and a sound that combines finesse with muscle, and you have an amplifier that more than lives up to Denon’s rich heritage.

Let’s not forget, the new amp costs just £500. That really is progress.

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