Music for self-isolation: the What Hi-Fi? lockdown playlist

(Image credit: Bobby Womack)

Music for self-isolation: not another Brian Eno album, but a What Hi-Fi? playlist featuring five-and-a-half hours of tunes to celebrate staying healthy and not going out, that will hopefully help ease some of the stress during these coming months.

We've tried to keep it relatively upbeat – so no lonesome crooning to endure – and all the titles are relevant to the current situation, tangentially or otherwise.

We've written about a few highlights from our social distancing, 70-strong playlist below, but for the full experience you can find the whole thing on Spotify and Tidal.

Truly bored? See if you can spot the two differences between the Spotify and Tidal playlists.

Listen to the Music for self-isolation: the What Hi-Fi? lockdown playlist on Spotify

Listen to the Music for self-isolation: the What Hi-Fi? lockdown playlist on Tidal

Home Is Where The Heart Is by Bobby Womack

How far into lockdown did it take for you and your loved ones to start bickering? It isn't wholly natural to be pacing around the same enclosed space as somebody else for this long, but if you aren't alone at this time then let The Poet remind you that you're really one of the lucky ones.

Lost In The Supermarket by The Clash

A trip to buy groceries has become half blessed relief, half anxiety-inducing terror. "I can no longer shop happily," sings Joe Strummer. Sadly for most of us, the other option is waiting eight weeks for the next delivery slot.

So Fresh, So Clean by Outkast

We are constantly being told to sing Happy Birthday while washing our hands, but want to know what else lasts the required 20 seconds? The chorus to So Fresh, So Clean by Outkast. You're welcome.

Second Hand News by Fleetwood Mac

A highlight of this 70-song playlist, for sure, but something to avoid in real life over the coming months. With so much scaremongering rumour doing the rounds, not least on social media, it is healthy only to regard what's being said via official channels. Your old schoolfriend Sandra does not have an uncle who is a government advisor in South Korea. Shed Sandra's drama from your life.

Evan Finds The Third Room by Khruangbin

Okay, so it's unlikely you're going to find a room in your house you didn't know was there, but that's no reason to disqualify this heavy Khruangbin groove.

I'm Not Living In The Real World by Belle & Sebastian

For some of us it feels like the real world has been put on pause. Others checked out of the real world long before this all started going down. Surely both camps can revel in the music of Belle & Sebastian.

At Home He's A Tourist by Gang Of Four

Whether it's learning Portuguese on Duolingo, or simply Googling images of beaches, you'll probably find tourism from home is equally fun and a lot less faff. Plus we wanted Gang Of Four on our playlist.

I'm Bored by Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop is undoubtedly facing increased competition at the moment for his position as chairman of the bored, but at least this swaggering track should kill a few minutes.

Home by Caribou

This track from Caribou's latest album is actually one of two songs named Home on our playlist. You'd think it'd be more than that, wouldn't you? It isn't. The other one is a piece by Joe Goddard.

Music For A Nurse by Oceansize

Not exactly downbeat, but this is a mellower tune to end the collection. Eight minutes of blissful guitar soundscapes to reflect on those really getting us through the next months.

Listen to the What Hi-Fi? lockdown playlist on Spotify

Listen to the What Hi-Fi? lockdown playlist on Tidal