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Eclipse TD 307 PAII review

Other-world looks, exceptionally fast, natural and detailed presentation – these curious Eclipse speakers can be immensely satisfying Tested at £400.00

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

Peculiar, fussy, and totally irresistible – another success for Eclipse


  • Out-of-this-world looks
  • exceptionally fast, natural and detailed presentation


  • Not for the big-bass lover
  • fussy over positioning
  • not cheap for desktop speakers

These speakers are never going to excel at low frequencies, but the II's speakers do sound meatier than many rivals out there, and as such are better able to fill a small room.

Having said that, room-filling, bassy sound isn't at all what this package is about. No, to enjoy this system at its best, you need to be sitting just a metre from the speakers, making the third point of a triangle. You also need to tilt the speakers so that the drivers are aimed directly at your ears.

A sound you can believe in
These speakers are fiddly to adjust, but make the effort to get the positioning right, and you're deeply rewarded. The single-driver, no-crossover design delivers sound so quick and natural that you feel like you're in the studio with the musicians.

This ‘being-there' feeling is further enhanced by the fact that sound never feels like it's coming from the left or right, but from an arc between the two speakers. Vocals, especially, appear to be coming from directly in front of you. It's a very intimate experience.

The unusual sound and styling certainly take some getting used to, but those that make the effort and give the Eclipse time will be rewarded with a truly involving listening experience, not to mention the chic-looking exterior.