Best JBL Reflect Flow deals 2022

Best JBL Reflect Flow deals 2022
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Since they first gatecrashed the headphones space, true wireless earbuds have been a bit of a game changer. With no wires whatsoever, just two buds that sit in your ears, many consider them the most elegant portable listening solution around. And the JBL Reflect Flow is one of the best sports-oriented pairs you can buy.

They combine superb sonics with a marathon battery life to make for an extremely appealing proposition. Let's check out the best deals around right now.

The Reflect Flow follow on from the excellent JBL Under Armour Flash, so to say they have big shoes to fill would be an understatement. Thankfully, they don't disappoint.

Battery life is superb, standing at 10 hours from the buds themselves, plus another 20 from the supplied carry case. The whole lot can go from empty to fully charged in about two hours.

The buds are circular, comprising a branded central button with silver sides and coloured detailing around the driver housing, which is visible through the translucent fins and tips. And they stay put whether you're blasting through a HIIT session or putting in a shift on the rowing machine.

They have some features usually only found in higher-end models, too. Ambient Aware lets in some background noise so you can hear traffic noise or station announcements, while TalkThru dampens the volume down low enough to hold a conversation without taking the earbuds out.

What of the sound? They earned five stars in our Reflect Flow review, so no prizes for guessing they sound mighty impressive indeed, especially for a pair of sports headphones. Precise timing meets plenty of detail, while the bass is deep but playful, precise and well-balanced.

They're IPX7 rated too, so should suit most outdoor types of exercise or adventure, no matter how much water they might involve.

In summary, these give a bass-heavy performance that's ideal for keeping you motivated. And that battery should outlast all but the hardiest of exercise fiends.


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