• Dali Mentor Menuet
Our Verdict 
Titchy speakers that still sound great, these Menuets are something of a gem
Tiny in all but sound
an expressive, engaging listen
Can’t cope with aggressive low frequencies like bigger rivals can
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 Even in a group of compact standmounters, the Dalis look frivolously small.

The cabinet is a smoothly curved affair, but there’s not much of it. And the mid/bass driver is just 10cm in diameter.

There’s nothing trivial about the way the Dalis go about their business though.

Timing, detail levels and frequency-range integration all impress, but it’s their sheer musicality that marks these out as five-star performers.

Adept at more-or-less anythingThey’re achingly articulate through the midrange, giving character and expression to instruments and voices alike, and are just as urgent or as soothing as is required.

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Add a frankly unlikely dynamism and considerable scale, and you’ve a speaker adept at more-or-less anything. They’ll even have a stab at shuddering basslines, though some port noise is audible under such sonic duress.

All the ‘quart/pint-pot’ and ‘midget gem’ clichés apply. If you want small speakers with full-size ability, here they are.

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