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Custom Design RS300 review

These minimilist stands give music real pace and drive, and for the money are undoubtedly worthy of five stars Tested at £90.00

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

An excellent buy; minimal design and a thoroughly appealing listen


  • Decent timing, fast bass


  • Nothing given the price

We're not averse to the minimal approach to stand design, and the RS300s' single-column look is both simple and attractive. A single bolt secures each top-plate to the large central pillar, which can be mass-loaded with any suitable filler, from silver sand to Custom Design's own inert filling material, yours at £5 a bag.

The company recommends two bags per stand, which is how we tested them. Most great-sounding speaker stands can look a little industrial: witness the excellent Partingtons. But the stylish RS300s give music real pace, which injects energy into tunes and always keeps you entertained. Bass is both well-founded and articulate, with weight and agility to match the sparkling midrange beautifully.

True, you can get even more extension and grip from larger, heavier stands, such as the Partington Super Dreadnoughts (£180), but otherwise, the RS300s hold their own against their aesthetically challenged opponents. That, and their price, makes them five stars.