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Though it’s not expensive, it falls short in terms of features and performance
good synchronisation
great range
optional extras
no display
sounds compressed
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The Sound Blaster Wireless for iTunes consists of a small USB transmitter, which looks like a memory stick and plugs into your computer in the same way, as well as a receiver unit that connects to your amplifier using stereo analogue cables.

The two synchronise as soon as they're turned on, at which point you simply open iTunes, play a track and, hey presto: music emerges from your hi-fi system.

Unfortunately, this music doesn't sound brilliant. We're not expecting CD quality here, of course, even from lossless tracks, but audio sounds compressed and lacking in detail next to other wireless systems.

No Mac-compatibility for remote handsetIt's also worth bearing in mind if you want to use the bundled remote control you first have to own a PC (no Mac-compatibility yet), and in addition install an absolute boat-load of software.

Oh, and if you want to take advantage of the system's 30m range and play music in a different room to your computer, you have no way of seeing your track list and selecting specific tracks, as there's no display.

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This Creative product might be one of the most affordable ways to go wireless, but we reckon it's worth saving up a bit more and doing it properly.

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