Our Verdict 
It’s more tweaky and involved than most players, but it’s also got far more features
Hugely versatile player with a vast feature list
brilliant pictures and decent sound
solid build
Need to invest time to work it out and get the best from it
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Apologies if this review ends up a bit like a list of features, but this chunky Cowon Q5 has so many of them, it's the only way to cover everything.

It's effectively a portable PC, you see, and has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Windows Messenger and Internet Explorer are pre-installed, and you even get Word.

Features fantasticYou interact with the machine by prodding the touchscreen with either your fingers or the stylus. Both work fairly well. Another control option is to plug a mouse or keyboard into the full-size USB 2.0 socket.

Being a PC, the Cowon supports myriad files, including DivX and AVI. The massive display is extremely good, with movies looking well defined, detailed and vibrant.

It's a decent music player, too. The only problem is that the machine is tweaky and hard to figure out, and the manual is near useless. But if you're prepared to put the time in, this is the most versatile player here.