Our Verdict 
Not the best for outright detail, these in-ears offer more comfort than most, and are good for lengthy listening sessions
Mellow sound
comfortable fit
Not great on detail
slightly hazy sound
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Comply claims military grade noise reduction for these headphones. The foam used for the buds is incredibly soft, and moulds to the shape of your ear canal to block out external sound.

The NR-10s are some of the real burrowers of the in-ear world, with a plastic probe of around 5mm hidden under the buds; but the foam does its job well once it's had time to expand.

The sound produced is easy to listen to, with a commendable mellowness to it that is at odds with the overly bright sound of many rivals.

There's a slight haze over the entire proceedings, though – these aren't the last word in detail. But, for a comfortable, extended listen, the NR-10s are worth an audition.