Our Verdict 
A classy radio for sensible money, with touch-panel controls and an acceptable sound
Touchscreen control system, full-bodied, meaty sound
Not the strongest tuner
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Bush has always looked to beat rivals on price, while doing its darnedest to match the functions, features and sound quality. The TR04 ploughs this familiar furrow.

At £50, it sports DAB and FM tuners, plus an aux and a headphone output. Most striking is the touchscreen control system, which adds an air of premium quality to the retro-styled, nicely finished main unit.

The interface works well, too, once you figure out what all the buttons do, and the touchscreen keys are responsive.

It's not the strongest tuner, but find good reception and the sound is none too shabby. Bass boost on, this radio gives a full-bodied, meaty sound. It's not the last word in clarity but, for £50, this is worth a look.