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These outlandish constructions work as well as sculpture as they do as speakers
Wonderfully made and feels luxurious in the extreme
sonic refinement
Over-polite sound robs the preamp of transparency
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No matter whether your hero from outer space is Dan Dare or Han Solo, you know their space-age bachelor pad contains a pair of B&O's BeoLab 5s.

Of course, B&O has any number of reasons at as to why these ­speakers have to look this way, but doubts remain even after they are removed (a two-man job) from their packaging.

Room-calibration abilitiesTypical of B&O, the specification is impressive, build quality is first-rate, and the quality of materials used second-to-none. Setting up these active speakers is a sci-fi experience in itself.

Using the Beo4 remote (another £160), each ­speaker calibrates itself to the your room and its position therein. In broad terms, they sound ­fabulous. Van Morrison's Into the Mystic revels in a rock-solid soundstage, taut and agile bass, effortless swing and rare insight.

Switching to John Coltrane's Giant Steps reveals the BeoLab 5s have an almost ­telepathic degree of integration. Dusted by Leftfield demonstrates that the B&Os are fastidious about timing: there's no overhang, even at antisocial volumes.

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True, ten grand buys an awful lot of amp and speaker, but these curious active designs are well worth a listen.