• Black Rhodium Twist
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We wouldn't recommend using this with bright-sounding systems but this is a decent option for the money
Energetic, lively sound
Good dynamics
Struggles with fast flowing tracks
Slight leaness to the sound
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Twist by name, twist by nature, Black Rhodium’s entry-level interconnect is intertwined. Why? It’s claimed this helps reduce the effects of any outside electrical noise.

Tape secures the individual interconnects together at either end, and it’s marked to indicate which direction the audio signal should travel.


Black Rhodium Twist

Hooked up to our system, the Twist transmits a lively sound. Play Mombassa from the Inception OST and the Twist doesn’t hesitate in conveying its energy.

The drums hit hard and with force, strings sound precise and dynamic. The pace and flow of the track isn’t as accurate as it could be, though, and the soundstage can become cluttered and confused.

There’s a slight leanness to the sound too, so we wouldn’t recommend using this in bright-sounding systems.

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But this doesn’t rule it out for fuller-sounding set-ups. For the money, this is a decent option.

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Black Rhodium Twist (interconnect)
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