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Wireworld Chroma (Miami edition) review

Get past the name and the looks and this Wireworld does an admirable job, although we'd like more low frequency punch Tested at £60.00

Our Verdict

It's a highly competent HDMI, although lacking in low-frequency heft


  • Crisp, composed pictures


  • Lacks some low frequency punch

Find £60, and you can step up from your entry-level HDMi to the Wireworld Chroma Miami Edition (called Miami because it was here the designer was on holiday when it was being finished).

Resplendent in lurid yellow, it's a highly competent cable in every regard, as we've come to expect from Wireworld in recent months: pictures are crisp and composed with the Chroma Miami presenting images with bags of life and sparkle.

The only issue surrounds its sonic presentation, which lacks some of the low-frequency heft of some close rivals. That, and the price, is enough to lose it a star.

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