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Thinksound ts02 review

Sound quality is skewed by an over-enthusiastic treble response Tested at £50

Our Verdict

Comfortable buds, but sound is skewed by over-enthusiastic treble response


  • Comfortable, solid low frequencies


  • Unruly treble

Wood and metal is a nice combination, and the ‘green’ philosophy will earn Brownie points with the eco-community, but we’re not so keen on the Thinksound ts02s’ cable.

It tangles too readily and transmits noise too easily. The fit is comfortable, though.

They produce solid low frequencies with a degree of detail and tonal variance. These are complemented by one of the more explicit and revealing midranges we've heard.

Integration and separation are good too, as are dynamics. The top of the frequency range is unruly, though, with a tendency to bite at anything more than modest volumes.

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