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Russ Andrews X6 review

This upmarket mains block is a great add-on for any high-end system... Tested at £350

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

Simply by allowing your electronics to give off their best, this mains block is worth every penny


  • Allows your system to sound wide-open, revealing and convincing


  • Nothing, as long as your system justifies the outlay

Stepping decisively away from the standard and into the realms of the up-market, a mains block costing £350 is, naturally enough, not for any old system.


But if you’ve spent real money on your electronics (and let’s not forget, this is a six-way block and will support the entirety of a pretty expansive set-up), we’d argue that you need to consider this kind of outlay to bring the best from your kit.

Especially when £350 buys, as in this instance, a mains block so adept at giving your system free rein.

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No matter the source material you run through your set-up (and we ran the gamut from Sufjan Stevens’ John Wayne Gacy, Jr through to Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get It On to Max Roach’s Lonesome Lover), the Russ Andrews X6 is a revealing, seamlessly integrated listen.

There’s real coherence and balance to a price appropriate system hooked to the X6, and a sense of absolute fidelity where even the most processed sounds are concerned.

The sense of performance it facilitates is tangible, helping deliver impeccable timing and cashmere-smooth integration allied to a reasonably expansive soundstage and rigorous stereo focus.

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The Russ Andrews X6 allows your kit to be as explicit as wide-open, revealing and convincing as it is capable of being, with an underlying smoothness to the presentation it facilitates that only becomes more appealing over time.

In allowing your electronics to give their best, as long as your system justifies the outlay, this mains block is worth every penny.

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Product NameRuss Andrews X6