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Roberts Stream 202 review

This DAB internet radio may have a good sound, but in terms of value we think you can do better elsewhere. Tested at £150.00

Our Verdict

It might have a detailed sound, but you can do better for your money elsewhere.


  • Good looks, detailed sound, variety of features


  • Harsh treble, not great value for money

The Stream 202 is Roberts' latest foray in to the world of Internet radio.

It looks perhaps more like a portable radio than most, with a more upright form complete with a carry handle on top, and control buttons and display on the top of the unit.

This radio includes DAB, FM, Internet radio and music streaming, boasts stereo speakers, can be mains or battery powered and offers Ethernet, USB and auxiliary inputs, plus a headphone connection.

Fire the radio up and the treble is a little bright, the Roberts sounding a little thin and harsh. There's a decent amount of detail and voices are clear and open, but we think the sound-per-pound value is bettered elsewhere.