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ProAc Studio 110 review

When it comes to music, the Studio 110s set massively high standards - fast, punchy and dynamic Tested at £775.00

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

With the right system, these speakers are nothing less than spectacular


  • A great all-round performer with no sonic weaknesses


  • You can get more luxurious-looking speakers for the money

Look ordinary, don't they? The finish and build are decent for the money, but compared to most rivals these boxes look plain. Take a look round the back, and things don't get any fancier: the biwire speaker terminal panel would be put to shame by that on many a sub-£200 budget model, let alone those at this price level.

It's only doom and gloom until you start listening, though. Put the Studio 110s on something like Partington's Super Dreadnoughts, well out into the room with a touch of toe-in, and they'll shine brighter than just about anything else at this price. Your doubts will vanish faster than a tub of ice cream at a children's party as you realise that the ProAcs are all about the music and nothing else.

Massively high standards
Yes, you can easily get something with greater showroom appeal, or something that impresses your friends with fit and finish. However, when it comes to music, the Studio 110s set massively high standards. This is a great all-rounder that's fast, punchy and dynamic.

They deliver a sound full of excitement and drive without breaking a sweat: Eminem, George Clinton or Gorillaz – the ProAcs don't mind, and will render it all with the utmost clarity while wringing out every last ounce of entertainment. The same applies to every other genre: classical, jazz, you name it – these speakers will get the best out of it.

That's because the Studio 110s don't put a foot wrong. The tonal balance is a touch obvious at the top end, but remains balanced enough not to offend. Scale is impressive, as is authority – due to a surprisingly solid bass performance – and the ProAcs' timing is crisp enough to challenge the best at this level.

If you want loudspeakers that do it all, listen here.