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Sony unveils new VR controllers for the PS5

These are Sony's PS5 VR controllers
(Image credit: Sony)

Following on from its PS5 VR headset announcement, Sony has unveiled new controllers designed to partner with it. As you can see from the picture above, they're an interesting orb-shape and fit around the hand like a futuristic pair of knuckledusters.

They feature the same adaptive trigger technology as seen on the PS5 DualSense controller. That means you'll feel palpable tension when you pull them back, which makes actions like drawing back a bow feel more realistic. There's also the usual complement of buttons as you would find on a DualSense pad.

Haptic feedback also features, and it has been "optimised for [the controllers'] form factor", according to Sony. It adds little vibrations to the experience so, for example, walking through rocky terrain will feel different from strolling over a grassy hill.

The addition of finger touch detection means they can also sense your fingers without requiring you to actually press them against the controller. The new VR headset can track each controller using a tracking ring located underneath.

According to Sony, "prototypes of our new VR controller will be in the hands of the development community soon". And actual VR games on PS5 won't be far behind.

Last month, Sony announced its PS5 VR headset would have a better field of view and higher resolution images, though it didn't actually show off the device. Still, not long to wait until PS5 VR gaming is here.

It's just a pity Microsoft won't be joining the VR party. At least, not yet.


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