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Sonos launches replacement battery kit for its Move wireless speaker

Sonos launches replacement battery kit for Sonos Move
(Image credit: Future)

Sonos has launched a battery replacement kit for its Move portable speaker. That means should the battery lose capacity (as batteries do over time), you can swap it out rather than buy a whole new Bluetooth speaker.

Sonos launches replacement battery kit for Sonos Move

(Image credit: Sonos)

The kit includes a new battery, some tools to remove the old one, and two replacement screws for fitting it back in. It costs £69 ($69, AU$99), which is considerably less than the £399 ($399, AU$649) asking price of the Sonos Move itself.

The Move is Sonos' first portable speaker – all of its other speakers are mains-powered. Hence it hasn't had to deal with the limitations of lithium-ion batteries before. These can degrade over time, losing capacity and running for shorter durations before they require recharging. It's why your phone seems to lose charge quicker as it gets older.

The good news is that these batteries last years, and the Move is less than 18 months old, so you shouldn't have to replace yours anytime soon. Still, should you notice a major reduction in the quoted 11-hour battery life, this kit could come to the rescue.


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