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Nokia Purity Pro wireless headphones have Lumia smartphones in sight

Monster has announced the launch of the Nokia Purity Pro Wireless Headset, the third product created in their partnership with mobile phone manufacturer Nokia.

Arriving in four distinct and eye-catching colours (red, yellow, black and white – matching the new Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone range), the headset features advanced Bluetooth capability and active noise cancelling.

An over-ear design, the Purity Pro headphones can also be folded-up – and turn themselves off automatically when you do so.

In addition, the Bluetooth function turns on as you unfold the headset, and a built-in sensor enables the active noise cancellation as soon as you put it on. All very automated.

A key component of the Purity Pro’s performance is Monster’s active noise cancellation with feed forward and feedback technology allowing for ambient and percussive noise cancellation.

The UK suggested retail price, release date and availability have yet to be confirmed.

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