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Audyssey Lower East Side Audio Dock Air review

Its smooth sound won't offend, but nor will it excite Tested at £300

Our Verdict

Cheap, but dogged by dreary looks and sound


  • Sounds smooth
  • no harshness in the treble
  • price


  • Bland design
  • lackluster bass
  • sounds unexciting

With a name as long and convoluted as this, we’re a little disappointed that the Audyssey Lower East Side Audio Dock Air is little more than a dull black-box. Being honest, we’ve seen lunch-boxes with more character.

Yes, it’s a cheap AirPlay speaker so we’re not expecting a design icon, but something even marginally jazzier than this would raise levels of enthusiasm beyond “meh”.

There are two connections – a 3.5mm one on the rear for hooking up external devices and a headphone socket on the front. On top of the box there’s a volume dial and a couple of LED lights, which indicate when the Audyssey’s powered up and connected to your network.

Smooth, easy-going sound
Four custom-designed drivers fire out sideways, while a passive radiator unit is used to bring more bass the party, and succeeds in its job.

The result is quite a smooth, easy-going sound. Play Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love and while there are no rough edges to all the bashing and crashing of drum kits, there could be greater agility and drive in the bass (and the rounded-off nature of the sound robs the sound of zip and pep).

It’s certainly listenable, but not exactly what we’d call exciting.

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