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As the name suggests this is just like the award-winning Equator, but better
Neutral and detailed balance
pleasing refinement and agility
Nothing at the money
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It's not easy replacing a multiple Award-winning interconnect like the standard Equator, and Atlas hasn't even tried with this higher-priced alternative.

Many will be surprised to know the additional £42 buys a new, better quality type of RCA plug and…nothing else. The cable itself remains the same high-purity copper and polyethylene combination as before.

New plugs stand outDon't believe RCA plugs make much of a difference? Compare this new version to the highly regarded original and you're in for a shock.

The new cable retains all the character of the standard version – even-handed tonal balance, subtle yet strong dynamics and fine detail resolution – but gives the listener more in each and every area.

Up against equivalently priced alternatives it's the Atlas's unforced, yet lively nature that impresses. This really is a fit-and-forget cable in the very best sense.

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A top-class cableIt just gets on with the job without drawing attention to itself. You can ask for no more in our book.

The Atlas's all-round excellence means it's likely to work well in a wide range of systems – something that isn't always true of its rivals.

If you're looking for a top-class cable, and don't want to spend more than £100, the Equator Superior is an excellent buy.

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