Our Verdict 
Another solid support from Atacama Audio
Smart looks
Free optional cable management loops
Sturdy build
Helps to get the most from your kit
Rather large
Stacking shelves on top of each other is tricky
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The Atacama Audio Elite Eco 12.0 caters for AV use as well as hi-fi. It comprises a base unit and shelves that stack up on top, standing on isolation cones.

Each module costs £250, and you can choose from three leg lengths. You can also have cable management loops carved out of the back at no extra cost.

We were impressed by how our system performed when using this rack: our reference Roksan Caspian M2 stereo amp and Cyrus CD 6 SE2 CD player combo delivered a fluid and spacious presentation, and we heard a high level of detail, precision and authority.

It's a large unit though, so if you want to use only hi-fi, get the smaller model at half the width.


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