£ 250

Big-screen thrills on a budget – the very definition of a supermarket special

£ 300

Great picture and the latest online features: an absolute bargain 32in HD TV

£ 500

Huge, no-nonsense TV offers a good balance between picture and price – it's just lacking a little detail to light and dark areas

£ 550

If 3D is important to you, then you should definitely give this TV a try, but there are better 2D-only units out there

£ 450

It might not have the frills, but it certainly delivers the thrills at a cracking price

£ 1500

A fantastic TV that should be on anyone's shortlist if they're after a big-screen

£ 270

Cheap? Yep. Cheerful? Most definitely.

£ 22500

Looks stunning with Ultra high-def signals, but more ordinary elsewhere. That price is hefty, too

£ 240

A good option if you want 3D in a smaller room

£ 230

A quality small-screen TV with built-in DVD player at bargain price