Music servers/clients


£ 4695

Naim makes hard-disk music an audiophile reality, and in some style - this is an amazing product, and capable of serious performance

£ 3500

We are deeply impressed with the B&O BeoSound 5: if you can afford it, we envy you

£ 330

For the downloaders and rippers out there; this is the media player you’ve been waiting for

£ 223

Sleek, sexy and now with loads of content, the Apple TV is a genuine must-have for iTunes users

£ 310

A ripper and downloader’s delight

£ 995

Linn, one of the bastions of traditional hi-fi, has entered the 21st century with its very own digital media player. And very good it is too

£ 150

This media client's lack of features and poor performance means it falls down at nearly every turn.

£ 11269

Yes, the Sooloos music server is incredibly expensive, but it's also incredibly good. We love it, and if you can afford it, you will too

£ 400

The MCi500H can rip CDs to its 160GB hard disk, links to your wi-fi network for music streaming and internet radio, and delivers a big, bold sound

£ 750

On paper this wireless system seems close to multi-zone perfection, but it’s awkward and underperforming