Music servers/clients


£ 500

Product of the Year, Awards 2013. With the N50, Pioneer has really raised the standard for streamers. We love this premium-feeling debut produ

£ 700

While Pro-ject's Streambox DS may be a handy size, we found it lacking in its ability to deliver the goods

£ 100

The almost-there Apple TV is great if you're already in Apple's media orchard, but we wish it would stream our own stuff, too

£ 4500

Linn's Akurate DS is one of ten streaming players from the Scottish company, and a confident-sounding performer that's easy to use

£ 250

A bargain for features, but spend a bit more and you'll get better sound

£ 350

All-in-one music streamer ticks all the tech boxes, but could sound better

£ 300

High-definition video, a 1TB hard drive and decent performance make this a versatile streamer

£ 3250

With high-quality speakers this is the best all-in-one streamer to date

£ 100

The N200 is a competent, easy to use device offering a wide range of content

£ 2000

Wired or wireless the Cyrus Stream XP won't disappoint