£ 550

Product of the Year, Awards 2013. The updated RP3 turntable is another virtuoso turn from Rega

£ 250

Pro-Ject's boffins have tweaked the Debut S/E3 turntable for even better sound

£ 5700

If you like simplicity with your spins, then this spartan turntable will appeal to you both in terms of functionality and superb quality sound

£ 1750

With a refined yet expansive sound and stunning finish, the Barzetti offers delights few could resist

£ 750

Sporting a sassy woodgrain finish and all the qualities that make a Pro-ject deck worth checking out, the 2 Experience Classic is well worth an auditi

£ 230

Simply doesn't sound like a budget record player

£ 275

The Audio Technica LP120USB is a sturdy player that not only plays records but can copy vinyl straight to your hard-drive

£ 1000

Precision and integration keep the Pro-ject 2 Xperience X-Pack among the top vinyl players

£ 1200

Capable and looks the part, but delivers a sound that's rather less than the sum of its parts

£ 12900

Despite a mind-blowingly expensive price, this is probably one of the most accomplished turntables that we've heard